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At CIRSCO, we believe that customer service is measured by our customers and their review is based on their perceptions of everything that we do as a full-service roofing provider. Our mission is to provide our services in a professional, moral, ethical and thorough manner. We measure our success by the frequency with which we are provided additional new assignments from our multiple-facility customers.

Industry experts, roof consultants, manufacturers of roof systems and industry trade associations all agree that a proper maintenance program can increase the life expectancy of roof systems by 20% to 30%. In our own experience at the contractor level we have long been servicing many roofs that are now in excess of their life expectancy by 8 – 10 years. That means we have eliminated one, or more, entire roof replacements in the life-cycle of the building. Typically, the initial inspection and any needed maintenance items represent the most crucial information in a maintenance program as the subsequent annual costs and maintenance items are minimized because they are performed on a proactive basis

Planned Maintenance is the proactive program designed to identify the overall performance of the roof in its environment and enables the long-term planning for future inspections and maintenance costs. The planned maintenance is designed to address areas of concern before they become surprises and more expensive to remedy or repair.
Needs are identified by the initial inspection and the terms of the roof system warranty. Typically, the warranty requirements are for annual inspections and in the earlier portion of a roof’s life the inspection protocol will essentially follow the manufacturer’s requirements. During the mid-life of a roof system, or later, the inspection will include the manufacturer’s requirements plus any additional protocol dependent upon the roof’s performance and the roof’s exposure.

Customer Information is readily available as all information pertaining to a roof under CIRSCO’s care is stored on our server. This includes the roof plan with roof top equipment at the time of original inspection. Any changes that have been made to the roof top equipment over the years, inspection results documented with photos and repairs that we performed, also documented with before and after photos.

A huge plus for our customers from the CIRSCO business model is that we develop a very inclusive history of the roofs that our under our care and protection. Each year, as building owners and property managers begin to prepare their budgets we are busy with re-inspections to identify their costs for maintenance of their roof assets. The huge advantage of our system is that those repairs have most probably been minimized due to the previous efforts on our part under our maintenance programs. If it is a roof that has already exceeded its life expectancy we can present the options for coaxing one more year before replacement is necessary.

Another major advantage to building owners of the CIRSCO care and protection programs is the up-to-date and accurate information about a given roof system in the event of a storm catastrophe. The documentation and information that we make available to building owners in such circumstances helps them present to their insurance carriers the necessary submittal to allow them to become whole again.

Florida is a harsh environment for roof systems as the continuous exposure to sun, high temperatures, ultra-violet and ozone can accelerate the deterioration of even the best of roof materials. Other exposures include the roof top traffic by trades, other visitors to the roof and environmental from foliage and nearby facilities. Once the rainy season begins some of those exposures could have created emergencies that are just waiting to happen. Almost all of our customers are multiple-facility building owners and we have hundreds and hundreds of roofs under our care so each year the training of our field technicians and the development of our management staff increases to minimize the damage from emergency leaks.
Smart building owners know that warranties do not prevent roofs from leaking just as they do not ensure quality workmanship at the time of installation. A manufacturer’s warranty alone will not protect the owner if the roof is improperly installed or improperly maintained. But a manufacturer’s warranty will provide relief to the building owner if the installation or performance of materials requires attention. CIRSCO maintains a lot of roofs that were not installed by CIRSCO but do require corrections and we can identify if those repairs should be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.
For most of our re-roof projects CIRSCO is the prime contractor and we are responsible for presenting the best options for the roof system type. And though we have many years of experience we do not stand alone when offering this design assistance as we are in partnership with the technical teams of our roof system manufacturers and the many experienced roof consultants with whom we work. Additionally, we are not bound to any one system manufacturer so it is not necessary for us to try to fit one roof system on every roof under our care.
The CIRSCO inspection/assessment reports have become so well recognized in the marketplace that we are often asked to perform such services on local marketplace facilities by out of state potential buyers of Real Estate. In many cases, we already had information in our server so a simple re-inspection was used to bring the information to current conditions.

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