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At CIRSCO we feel it is not enough to respond to our customers that we have the standard insurance coverage that is required by the laws that govern our Roofing Contractor’s License when we provide roof services on their facilities.  Since the exposure is much higher on occupied facilities we want our customers to feel comfortable that we have also considered their exposure.

Therefore, CIRSCO has added a $5 million excess liability umbrella to our insurance that covers our general liability and our auto liability.  This separates CIRSCO from most of our competition and has often been the reason that CIRSCO was selected over many other roofing contractors to provide ongoing services.

Additionally, since we assume prime contractor responsibilities for roofing projects we require Certificate of Insurance from our subcontractors on our projects.  This also ensures that their workers are covered by Workers Compensation and Employers’ Liability to the same extent that CIRSCO employees are.


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