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Safety Compliance


CIRSCO has one of the safest track records among all Florida roofing contractors. We continue to emphasize safety as our most important project goal with in-house safety meetings, job site safety meetings and supplier’s visits to our facilities to provide proper use and handling of our equipment. In addition, our industry associations regularly provide opportunities for us to attend their safety meetings to further understand today’s risks and exposures.

Our EMR is among the lowest of all Florida roofing contractors and our OSHA 300 Logs show zero incidents, accidents, injuries, lost days or illnesses across the pages for the last seven (7) years.

What is most remarkable about our safe track record is that CIRSCO performs most of its services on existing buildings that have daily visitors, occupants, ongoing operations, finished buildings with vehicles in the parking lots, in-place HVAC, plumbing, electrical and landscaping and multiple exposures that do not exist in new construction.

Protection of our employees, our business, our customer’s facilities and their business will continue to be our top goal.


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