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New Roof Installation


Re-Cover involves leaving the existing roof in place, making preparation for the installation of a new roof and then installing the new roof over the existing system. A thorough inspection of the existing conditions is necessary to identify options for the new roof system, for Building Code compliance and acceptability by the manufacturer of the new system for warranty purposes.

Replacement of an existing roof with the most suitable system for the building’s exposure is much more difficult than installing new roofs on new facilities. The process requires a great deal of expertise and up-front investigative work so that there aren’t any surprises to the owner once the process begins. It also requires a field labor force that is experienced in safely working with the ongoing activities of the facility as well as protecting personnel visiting the building and any personal property that may be at risk.

CIRSCO focuses most of its attention on existing facilities and has the expertise and the methods to thoroughly investigate existing conditions and include those conditions in its proposals. Our goal is to properly identify all requirements for the project and all of the steps in the scope of work so that building owners and property managers do not have to undergo change orders and are not surprised as the project progresses.

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