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CIRSCO recognizes that its customers also have a strong emphasis on safety within their organizations and that it is very important to them that any service provider who comes onto their premises must demonstrate that its safety program is as strong, or stronger.   Many service providers will hype their safety programs but CIRSCO has the metrics to support its claims.

We have one of the lowest EMRs in the state of Florida for our category of service and our OSHA 300 Logs reflect all zeroes for the past seven (7) years.  That kind of record did not happen by accident, excuse the pun.  We have a strong focus on Safety and each project has its own set of conditions that must be discussed with our field team and plans to minimize the risks are instituted for each project.  Tool box talks and in-house safety meetings are a part of our regular routine.

To help emphasize how remarkable is our safety record it can be better understood by reviewing our list of regular customers.  We are regularly performing work in one of the most recognized amusement parks in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors everyday and some of the most stringent safety requirements among all building owner types.

We are regularly performing work on hospitals with patient and visitor concerns as well as odors and environmental issues.  We are on top of facilities that house critical technological equipment where safety practices are extremely important.  And, our safety record has continuously enabled us to become qualified as an “invited bidder” on facilities that are “off limits” to many contractors.


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